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Find Solutions with Blockchain

The technology that has come to stay.

Our team has extensive experience to face the technological challenges that your activity requires.

Thanks to the decentralization and validation of the Blockchain technology, you can keep your business data away from other people's eyes.

We guide you to know the world of cryptocurrencies and generate your own benefits through Mining.

We work with all Technologies


Discover with us infinite possibilities to improve the traceability and transparency of your operations

Smart Contracts

Develop your own smart contracts and get more autonomy and control over the results


Solve your concerns and find solutions with Haverö consultants, experts in new technologies

Software Development

Experts in adapted methodologies, code, responsive and innovation.


Learn the secrets of mining and get to generate your own coins

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Mine Optimization

Optimize your mining systems to find the best performance and profitability


SAFEAT, an initiative by Haverö to support the hospitality industry
06/2020 - Worldwide

Recognized by the World Tourism Organization, as one of the initiatives to reactivate International Tourism.

SAFEAT is a free digital tool, aimed for the hospitality industry. Its main goal is to improve the efficiency and management of orders and guarantee the required security between business owner and client.

The clients will be able to order and ask for the bill, from their smartphones. Easy, fast and secure, with no need to download any app. All they will need to do is scan the QR code on the their table, indicate how many they are and text the order as if it were a notepad

With SAFEAT, you can have control of the capacity and improve the efficiency through a Dashboard that will indicate the status of each order. They will be organized automatically, indicating the time they are taking to prepare each one of them


Technological sponsorship in Brazil with Procomex
02/2019 - São Paulo, Brasil

Haverö actively collaborates with the Procomex Alliance Institute, an alliance of 84 business associations in Brazil with projects in Latin America for the pro-modernization of logistics in foreign trade.

The first work initiative has been the development of the technological update of the Procomex Institute platform, the operational arm of the Procomex Alliance, in which the Haverö developers team has worked intensively in order to create an intuitive, simple platform, adapted to the needs of the market.

Haverö will continue to actively collaborate with the Alliance Procomex Institute and propose innovative solutions for the improvement of processes through Blockchain technology.

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I Haverö Mining Seminar and creation of Tokens
08/2018 - Marbella, España

We prioritize feasibility studies as a key factor to guarantee success in any business, therefore, we developed a seminar in OurSpace Marbella to convey the importance of feasibility analysis, profitability and performance with the study of different variables and parameters based on mining. In addition we will learn the usefulness of the Tokens and we will create our own Token.

Collaboration agreement between Haverö and Munkkiniemi
02/2018 - Madrid, España

Haverö reaches its first collaboration agreement with the Marketing and Advertising Agency Munkkiniemi, which has more than 10 years of experience.

A bet for the future!

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Practical Applications

We like to participate in all events and congresses related to technology and development, this helps us improve the quality of our services and keep abreast of the latest news.

Haverö is developing different practical applications based on the Blockchain.

  • Personnel Management Systems
  • Applications with SmartContrats
  • Creation of Tokens & Cryptocurrencies
  • Proof of provenance and traceability
  • Verification of documents

Do not hesitate to ask us or make a request without commitment.

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