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Our services

In Haverö we put our knowledge at your disposal in order to find and develop solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.

Given the passion of our team for new technologies, we develop all kinds of applications assisted by powerful tools and modern programming languages.

In addition, we build miners configured and optimized according to the investment desired in each project, since the objective is always to achieve maximum profitability and satisfaction.

Blockchain Solutions

We consider any challenge to improve your business, whatever your profile. With the Blockchain technology, we will offer you endless possibilities to achieve an indisputable competitive advantage.

Our experience working with Digital Marketing companies, giving support and solution to all types of clients, is a guarantee of commitment, enthusiasm and dedication.

Software Development

We help you identify the technological needs of your business, choose the solution that best suits the company and design a plan to optimize it, with a vision of scalability.

We prioritize agility and flexibility in the evolution of the project, which we achieve thanks to our highly qualified team in the management of any code and platform.

Strategic & Technological Consultancy

Always willing to share our research and progress to enforce your projections. With our experience in the creation of intelligent contracts and applications based on Blockchain, construction and optimization of mines, maintenance of equipment and analysis of profitability and viability, we can face any challenge.

In addition, we offer to introduce you in the sector of investment in cryptocurrencies in a safe way.

Mining and System Maintenance

Before making a decision, we like to analyze all possibilities. We consider all the variables and parameters to adjust your investment to the best technical configuration, in this way, each machine is designed to achieve the highest profitability.

The maintenance of mining systems and applications is key to obtain maximum performance. It is a complex and constant process of research and updating, which does not stop changing at a very fast pace.

We build, optimize and deliver mining equipment of any size. If you already have a team or a large mine, we can optimize it and maintain it with the most experienced professionals in the sector.