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In order to create a mining company committed to the Blockchain technology, Haverö was born.

On December 16, 2017 the first Hackathon sponsored by Santiment is organized in OurSpace, Marbella. The "SmartCars" application for renting cars between individuals, using the Blockchain, won one of the prizes, and so the motivation of the team to continue investigating arose.

On February 20, 2018 we settled in Madrid as a base of operations where we began to develop methods of analysis and projects with Blockchain to optimize and solve problems.

Today we put at your disposal all our advances.


Solve and optimize any situation through Blockchain technology in the most efficient way and offer the most efficient proposals in software development.


Our vision guides us towards maximum international differentiation through the analysis, development, implementation and improvement of systems through software development and Blockchain technology.



Striving to shape a better life.


Offering promising studies based on practical cases.


Gathering and promoting the collective talents of those involed and are enthusiatic about the sector.


Striving for excellence.


Being transparent in our procedures and initiatives.


Being committed to growth by nurturing enthusiasm and commitment.
Karim Tayyan Torrents


I have been trained in some of the best universities in Spain (UMA), Romania (UDP) and Brazil (USP) as an Industrial Engineer specialized in Industrial Organization.


My motivation and ambition are born from the personal feeling of growth and continuous improvement. In order to destroy paradigms, my professional, entrepreneurial and creative profile emerges.Expert in development and business analysis with experience in the development of Integrated Management Systems for systems optimization.

Role in Haverö

I research, develop, coordinate and manage the operations team in mining, exchange markets, investment management and project management based on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.As well as the development of feasibility analysis, objectives and procedures for the correct and efficient management of technological projects.

Álvaro Martín Redondo


I’m an Engineer in Systems Administration, an expert in IT Management, specialized in the design and development of web architectures and mobile APPs, integration of services and security.


I have a great and extensive experience as Full Stack Web Developer, with great capacity in the administration of servers and in the creation, development and start-up of technological projects.


I research, develop and maintain mining activities in cryptocurrencies to achieve the optimization and profitability of computer equipment. I consider myself a big fan of innovation and Blockchain technology.

Rubén Fernández Gordillo


I trained in Physics and Statistics at the University of Seville (US). In addition, I was always fascinated by new technologies, so I studied in Coursera software development and data analysis.


I have a great interest and passion in electronics, computer science, cryptography, networks and data analysis.Along with engineering, which I believe are the knowledge of our world and our future, the tools with which we can shape and improve our universe.


I participate giving technological support and avant-garde ideas to solve any problem. I also develop software in different programming languages ​​for the optimization and correct operation of each Blockchain project.